An Introduction to Gary

Quite often visitors will ask those of us who have lived in the valley for a long time if we ever reach a point when we stop noticing how beautiful this area is; the answer is NEVER. We never tire of the diverse and breathtaking landscape that surrounds us. Over the years our little valley has grown as others discover one of the best places to live on the planet - something my wife and I discovered ourselves many years ago.

Before I started working in real estate I spent 16 years in the Alberta oil patch with a pipeline company as a measurement technician. My wife and I had been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in Banff and Jasper either camping or visiting family. We loved the mountains so much that when it was time to buy our first home we started looking in Banff. Back in those days the destination was Banff and I don't think many people knew there was a town behind the gas stations on the highway. And one day driving back from Banff I said “let's take a look around Canmore”. We fell in love with the town and within the week had bought a house. We moved to Canmore in 1984 and stayed for three years. A job transfer took us away but we promised ourselves that we would return to these beautiful Rocky Mountains. We did return and have been back in Canmore since 1994. I would like to help you make that dream come true too.

I have a proven track record, and since good quality service is important to me I make it a priority to provide good quality service to my clients. Whether you are looking to sell your current home or purchase a home or condo in Canmore, Banff, Exshaw, Harvie Heights or anywhere in the Bow Valley, I have the local knowledge and resources to make sure you get the quality service you expect and the best price whether buying or selling. Give me a call and let me be your Rocky Mountain Real Estate Guide.


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“One step at a time and the mountain is scaled...Let me help you make CANMORE / BANFF home.”